Silent Knowing

Aurora Flores-Hostos
1 min readMay 9, 2021

You emerged from the dark well,

startled by the lights,

looking at the sights

of different colored faces

touching, pulling, yanking you out of me.

For 3 days you played hide & seek,

dropping deep into the abyss

then hitting your head against the birth canal only to retreat back inside,

where it was warm,

where it was wet,

where it was dark and only you and I could hear our hearts beat as one.

You didn’t know who or what you were.

Screaming, you grabbed grandma’s finger and wouldn’t let go

-but you knew my voice; your head turned

Looked around.

You smelled the food source.

With the insight of angels your nose poked plump breasts until you found the font of nourishment.

Searing pain soared through me

as you hungrily gummed the life force from me who gradually surrendered to the feeding,

to the feeling,

to the milk that ran from your mouth

to my swollen belly,

your flesh bound with mine.

You looked up,


You knew it was me before you knew you.

For nine months we spoke:



Without saying a word.

Aurora Flores-Hostos

Writer, communications specialist, entertainment & salsa savant, news junkie, and Boricua woman of the world.